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Phone : 770-919-1699
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We currently service a small area of North Metro Atlanta, GA. This helps us be able to have a quick response time and avoids long delays from the time you call until the time we arrive.

About Custom Lock & Key

Take a moment to read a little about me.

Who I am


My name is Warren Discon. I'm a US Navy Veteran who has above average mechanical and analytical skills. I started my locksmithing career in 1995 and have owned my own business since then. I've held a variety of positions with other companies in all sorts of fields from retail sales, customer service, accounting, computer maintenance and repair, to private investigations.

Unlike some other companies, I don't have any turnaround of personnel as I'm a one man operation. When you call my number, I personally answer the phone. There are no secretaries, dispatchers, associates, or other people to talk to.

If I'm capable of performing the work you need done, I'll be more than happy to assist you, but if not, I can refer you to someone reliable who can. I've worked for years on building my reputation as a problem solver, straight to the point, honest, fair and with integrity.

About my work and pricing

When I quote a price for a job, it's usually for the whole job, regardless of what might happen during that job. My prices are fair and at least comparable to other locksmith companies, often times even lower. I can do this because of a lower overhead than most other companies.

Being a mobile service, you might expect to get ripped off for a trip or service call charge, but not with me. I'm not like the electrician or plumber who you owe $65-$100 before I even arrive, just for driving to your location. I keep most, if not all, of the parts required to service your vehicle on my van, and if you need something I don't have, I'll either get it within a resonable amount of time or refer you to someone who does have what you need.

I realize you work hard for your money, and I do the same, so I try to take that into consideration when I quote a job. If you're not satisfied when I complete my work, I haven't done the job I intended to do, or what you done right, the first time, without worry.